Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Savings. Days Out.

My step into the bloggersphere hasn't gone too smoothly. I think my trouble is that I worry too much that people won't find what I write very interesting rather than just doing what I like. To help me in my quest to post more I'm going to try and come up with some regular features so that I have some inspiration when it comes to posting.

As the summer is finally showing here in England I'm going to do some investigating for you lovely readers and find some interesting places to visit that are both great for this weather and great for the purse strings too! Which brings me onto today's post:

This week I visited Hitchin Lavender Fields. Now hold on before you click off thinking it's not your cup of tea/not child orientated. For £4 (adults) and £1 (children) you can go on a tour of the fields which includes beautiful views, interesting information for adults, lavender bunch picking (great for children) and a free drink* at the end. 

As for dogs I saw a few around but I'm not sure if you are allowed to actually take them in to the growing area but there are picnic benches outside and a shaded area before you get to the main picking area.

For under £10 it's a brilliant way to lap up the sunshine. You could even bring your own picnic or enjoy a light lunch in the rustic looking cafĂ©.

*Although this was advertised as a complimentary tea or coffee if you ask at the counter they will allow you to have a free cold drink instead which is great for the little ones.